Jeff Brantley Founder of the Apostolic Church Raleigh, he has served as it’s overseer since May of 2002.  Born in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, he has been involved in full-time ministry for over 20 years.  He is married to Jody, and is the father of three: Noah, Paige, and Andrew.


Leroy Waldron – He has also ministered faithfully at TACOR since November of 2002.  Born in Jamaica, he is married to Neda, and is the father of four: Daniel, Georgina, Cory, and Ebony.

Elder Waldron

Jacques Franko – He has been on the Ministry Team at TACOR since 2009, ordained in April of 2013 as an Elder, he is a great blessing to the people of this assembly.  He is married to Olivia, and is the father of one son: Ezra.